Prevention is power

There is always so much focus on a cure for every illness. Medicinal drugs are usually the answer from conventional practitioners. Drugs have side effects, and can cause more health problems – some are worse than the original illness.

So why is our society so focused on getting rid of the illness in harmful ways?

Why not focus on how to prevent illness? 

There are so many proactive things we can do to take control of our health to cure illness before it even begins.

The Breast Cancer Fund  has put together a great website that gives you practical ideas on how you can reduce your risk of breast cancer.

These ideas apply to any illness, so you will be preventing a whole range of other illnesses as well.

Check out the website for tips on making the right choices to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals, such as the ones in cosmetics, cleaning products, and the food you eat!


Prevention is power.




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